About Us

The Smart City Business America Institute (SCBA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the advancement of Smart Cities discussions in Latin America. With a business-oriented vision, SCBA is positioned as a great platform for discussion and business generation around the ecosystem of cities.

It consists essentially of entrepreneurs, as well as public and private managers, interested in the evolution of the theme Smart City. It has a purposeful focus on the themes related to the universe of Smart Cities, but with a strong business orientation. It stands out for bringing together decision makers and forming an effective platform for generating business.

SCBA’s main objective is to accelerate the development of Smart Cities in Latin America through networking, qualified discussions, and business generation between the public and private sectors.

To achieve its objectives, the SCBA organizes numerous networking events for public and private leaders, thematic committees, meetings and relevant debates, and the most important congress of the Americas on the theme: Smart City Business America Congress & Expo (SCBAC&E). All articulated and with the use of modern techniques of management of network that facilitates relations between the members of its strategic network to contribute decisively to the creation of bonds of trust among its members, thus fomenting real opportunities.

Due to this philosophy and a focused attention on providing return to its members, SCBA’s contribution to the Smart Cities ecosystem is a great differential that we offer to organizations that understand and value relationships as a strategic step in their business.

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