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Payment in one lump sum, splitted in half every semester or twelve installments a year.

Please, sign one of these categories for annual fee below:

BRL 8.400,00 per year - 1 representative

BRL 11.400,00 per year - 2 representatives

BRL 15.000,00 per year - 3 representatives

BRL 19.200,00 per year - 4 representatives

BRL 24.000,00 per year - 5 representatives

BRL 30.000,00 per year - 6 representatives

BRL 39.000,00 per year - 7 representatives

BRL 79.200,00 per year - 8 representatives


Representative 1

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15% discount

8% discount

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Membership agreement:

I agree and admit knowledge of this association on the next a 1-year period, wich implicates the obligatoy payment of the total sum of this fee, even if I make a options of split the value in semesterly or monthly stallments.